Professional website development of any complexity. Website promotion and advertising of your products and services.

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Website development

Website development

Website development of any complexity. Refinement, bug fixes, additional functionality.

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SEO website optimization

SEO website optimization

SEO site optimization is necessary for your site to be well indexed by search engines.

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Website promotion

Website promotion

Promotion of the project using Google Ads. Using only “white” methods.

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Speed up websites

Speed up websites

If your website cannot handle the load, it loads slowly, freezes or slows down.

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Website protection

Website protection

If your website has been hacked or you want to improve its security to prevent this from happening.

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Website audit

Website audit

A careful analysis of the website, identifying problems and proposing a plan to solve them.

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I am talking to you about the complex in an understandable, “human” language.
Why me?
  • 18 years of experience in developing projects of any level

  • 9 years of experience in promoting various projects

  • 7 years of experience in Google advertising. I am a certified marketer

  • I always keep up with the times.
  • I will not promise what I am not sure of

  • I have experience in international development and implementation of government projects

I am a professional in my field!
PHP 11 years
HTML/CSS/JS 18 years
SEO 9 years
Google Ads 7 years
Work examples:
Framework & CMS

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More and more aspects of modern human life are moving to the digital world. On the Internet, we watch films and learn something new, make purchases and order services, look for reviews and find out the latest news. You can endlessly debate whether this is good or bad, but if you want to successfully develop your business, keeping up with the times and outperforming your competitors, nowadays you definitely cannot do without creating a high-quality website and its further promotion.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced specialist who can be trusted to create a website in Ukraine – welcome to Thanks to free consultation, transparent pricing policy and the conclusion of an official contract for the provision of services, you can feel safe contacting me.

I offer you the following services:

  • Website development of any complexity: creating a website from scratch on a turnkey basis or revision of existing projects
  • SEO website optimization in Ukraine and other countries of the world
  • Website promotion
  • Improving website security
  • Speed up the website
  • Website audit, identification of current problems and their solution
  • Subscriber service of websites
  • Improving website usability for clients
  • Creation and further maintenance of an advertising campaign Google Ads.

In addition, I work with competent specialists in related professions and can advise you on the contacts of a professional copywriter and social networking specialist (SMM). Thus, turning to me, you get the opportunity to save time and energy by ordering the entire range of services necessary for the creation, search engine optimization and promotion of a site on the Internet – from one reliable specialist.

Improving website security

Any website on the internet is not immune from hacker attacks, which may result in:

  • Loss of site position in search results
  • Banning a website from a Google search engine
  • Loss of customer base
  • Damaged company reputation
  • Complete loss of the site.

If your site has been hacked or you want to avoid possible security problems, please contact me. I will check your site for vulnerabilities and improve the security of the web resource.

Speed up the site

Slow site performance can force a potential client to look for a product or service elsewhere. Therefore, if you notice that your company’s website is loading slowly, you should correct the situation immediately. The speed of the site can be checked using the service Google PageSpeed, and, if your site is in the red zone of the rating of this service, Google may impose certain sanctions on the site: lower the position of a web resource in search results, as well as increase budget spending on advertising in Google Ads. In order not to bring the situation to the imposition of sanctions, if you identify problems with the speed of loading the site, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Website promotion price Ukraine

Let’s assume that you already have a high-quality, secure, flawless website. And now the difficulty lies in the following: you need to attract clients to it. What steps should be taken to achieve this? First of all, you will need to perform SEO – the promotion of your website in Ukraine without a preliminary, competent SEO-optimization of the resource is simply impossible. After that, the easiest and fastest way to make the site profitable tomorrow is advertising in Google Ads.
As an active partner of Google, constantly improving and confirming their qualifications by passing the annual Google Academy qualification exams in Advertising Fundamentals, Video Advertising, Search Ads, Mobile Advertising, Digital Advertising Sales, Display Advertising, Product Ads, Google Analytics – I will help you set up ads Your website in the most efficient and cost-effective way, helping to attract many potential customers to it

Responsibly approaching the choice of a specialist who can be entrusted with complex work on creating a website in Ukraine and its further promotion, you will receive an effective tool for business development, providing your company with an impeccable reputation and a constant influx of potential customers.

If you want to order a service or you still have any questions – call and I will be happy to advise you completely free of charge!