Speed up the website. Improving Google PageSpeed metrics

If you notice that your site is loading slowly, corrective measures should be taken immediately. The ultra-fast pace in which the modern world lives – dictates its own rules for running an Internet business: the speed of the online service, accessibility, conciseness and clear structure of information on it – significantly increase the chances that the client will make a purchase from you. Put yourself in the user’s shoes: would you look for the necessary thing or service on a web resource where you have to wait painfully for each page to load?

In addition, for finding a web resource in the red zone of the Google PageSpeed ​​rating, the Google search engine imposes certain sanctions: it lowers the site’s position in the search results and increases the budget expenditure in the Google Ads advertising campaign.

Thus, the following depends on the speed of the web resource:

  • Your company’s reputation
  • The position of the project in the search results
  • Ad CPC Google Ads
  • The probability that the visitor will take the action you need – buying or ordering a service

That is why speeding up the work of the website, performed by an experienced professional, is a necessary step in the development of your Internet business.

How to speed up website loading

Optimizing website loading speed consists of three points:

1) Website audit.

2) Recommendations for speeding up the website.

3) Elimination of problems causing the slow operation of a web resource.

The terms of work to speed up the website are very individual: the timing and cost of optimizing the website’s loading speed can vary greatly for different projects.

However, from experience, the minimum time and cost of acceleration are approximately:

Price: from 3000 UAH.

Terms: from 3 days.

If you have studied the above information and decided to speed up the loading of the website, you probably have an important question: how to check your website for loading speed?

Google PageSpeed optimization, speeding up the website in questions and answers

You can independently check the speed indicators of your resource using Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix.

How to interpret the results obtained?

– For example, the speed of loading a website in Google PageSpeed must be at least 50. If in your case the indicator is lower, then your resource needs urgent work to speed up the loading of the website.

Should you rely on Google PageSpeed score?

– If the position of your website in the organic search results Google is important to you, as well as if you want to lower the CPC in Google Ads, – yes, the Google PageSpeed optimization value is extremely important.

Google PageSpeed Optimization – reflects the actual speed of website loading?

– Not. The values obtained in the Google PageSpeed service are not a real indicator of the speed of loading a web resource. This service displays information about how well your website meets the expectations of Google for an optimized website.

If you need to speed up the work of your website, do not try to cope with this difficult task on your own, guided by incompetent and often harmful advice on speeding up the website from the Internet. Contact a professional – and I will help speed up the work of your web resource in a short time.

If you still have any questions or need professional advice on speeding up the work of the website – call right now and we will discuss the possibilities of developing and improving your project!

Rate Minimum Business Special
Control Pages 1 3 5
Improving Google Pagespeed rankings + + +
Optimizing PHP settings + + +
Optimizing images + (only jpg/png) + (webp by agreement) +
Optimization of the mobile version + + +
Asynchronous loading of internal JS + + +
Minification (JS, CSS) + + +
Reducing the number of blocking JS + + +
Optimizing fonts + + +
HTML minification + (in most cases) + +
Optimization of MySQL, PostgreSQL tables + + +
Recommendations + + +
CDN by agreement + +
File caching + + +
Gzip compression + + +
Memcache/Redis/OPcache by agreement by agreement by agreement
File caching + + +
Acceleration report before/after + + +
Deep CSS optimization + +
Deep JS Optimization + +
Optimization of Nginx, Apache settings + +
Speed up indexing by robots (robots.txt) + +
Connecting the HTTP/2 protocol + +
Optimizing TLS Settings + +
Optimization of MySQL, PostgreSQL settings + +
Carrying out work on a separate copy of the website + on the client’s resources + on the client’s resources
Optimizing TCP/IP/IP Settings in Linux +
Optimization of a separate mobile version +
Custom build Nginx +
Client developer consultation +
Profiling PHP code +
Website size (more paid additionally) up to 5 Gb up to 50 Gb up to 100 Gb
Package cost UAH 4,000 UAH 22,000 UAH 75,000
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